Q:  Why do people say that eyebrows are so important for beauty?

A:  Eyebrows help frame the face, drawing attention not only to the eyes but to the bone structure as well. When done correctly, eyebrows can draw attention to positive features and away from negative ones. Also, eyebrows should be different sizes and shapes based on the shape and size of the face.

Q:  Are there any products that will help me regrow my eyebrows after I over-plucked them?

A:  Yes. Castor oil, an emollient, heals both skin and hair.  More, it is often used to soothe skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis. Apply with a cotton swab nightly.

Q:   Why is threading more gentle on the skin than waxing?

A:  Waxing removes one entire layer of skin WITH the hairs. Threading targets one hair at a time, leaving the surrounding skin untouched. Those using Retin-A, Acutane and other medications that make skin sensitive have no trouble with threading

Q: I know you do both waxing and threading, but you seem to encourage people to go for threading on the eyebrows rather than waxing in your shops. Why?

A:  Easy: threading targets one hair at a time while waxing removes a patch of hair. Threading creates a much more precise look.

Q: Do men get their eyebrows shaped? Would I be the only man in the salon?

A:  In our current neighborhood, 80% of our customers are women and 20% are men. We expect the ratio at our new, more urban, Hillcrest location to get closer to 50/50, however. We love our male clients! Doesn’t Mike look relaxed and happy?

Q:  Do you have any tips for at home eyebrow tweezing?

A:  I don’t recommend tweezing at home. The eyebrow can become mis-shapen. Tweezing can also cause ingrown hair. Finally, people who tweeze their eyebrows at home don’t usually do it regularly. Therefore, the brow is never 100% clean.  $10 every six weeks for a 10 minute procedure is very affordable price for beauty procedures.

Q:  If I start eyebrow threading, how much time are we talking about? How long does threading itself last? How often do I have to get it done?

A:   While an initial consultation may take up to 30 minutes and cost $25, maintenance threading generally takes just 10 minutes and costs $10. How often you need to get your eyebrows done depends on how fast your hair grows, your hair color and other factors. Most people come in every 3 to 4 weeks.

Q:  What are the top male grooming treatments single men rely on today?

A:  #1: eyebrow threading. Men now realize that clean, shaped eyebrows can make them look more masculine while enhancing their bone structure and natural assets. #2: beard line threading. Threading lasts longer, enabling them to skip a step in their morning routine

Q: It will be my first eyebrow threading. Any tips for making sure the outcome is what I envision?

A:  For the first time, book an appointment for eyebrow consultation with Cipika. $25 includes the $10 eyebrow threading itself. If you don’t want take this extra step, tell the technician it’s your first time. Consider bringing some photos to show her. Start slowly and ask the technician to show you as each step is carried out.

Q:  How do you thread men’s eyebrows so they still look masculine.

A: We clean up any Uni-brow action and take excess from top. Some men have hair coming from their eyelids which makes their eyes look smaller. We clean that up as well. We never make a man’s eyebrows thin, just neaten them up and re-style to accentuate their bone structure and positive features.